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09/05/2014 21:20:12


charles cherqui wrote :

Latexit quit working after the Mavericks update! HELP! This little program is far too important to my work flow.

04/05/2014 18:27:55


Michael wrote :

LaTeXiT is great stuff! Unfortunately, it is not working for me on Mavericks. I am wondering if it will be updated soon?

29/04/2014 1:18:48


Dimitris Manolakis wrote :

After updating to the latest version, when I tried to cut-and-paste from LatexIt to Adobe Illustrator CS5, I got the following message:

Can't paste the objects. The requested transformation would make some objects fall completely off the drawing area.

It used to work very nicely before. Any suggestions?

Thank you

06/03/2014 17:11:15


Raphael Borges wrote :

Very good iniciative! Great app!

Just found it difficult to start writing, since I didn't know what I had to write and what wasn't needed.

17/02/2014 16:25:03

Pittsburgh PA

walter goldburg wrote :

How can I use Latexit with OSX 10.9

27/01/2014 12:11:39


Axel wrote :

works well with Pages 5.1 !

27/01/2014 12:09:06


Axel wrote :

works very well with Keynote 6.1. Great tool.

20/01/2014 8:20:14


xiang qi wrote :


17/01/2014 22:12:39


Martin wrote :

Does not work for the new Pages v5.0. Please update!

17/12/2013 10:26:35


Alessandro Genoni wrote :

I cannot use LaTeXiT onmy new MacbBookPro (OS X 10.9 (13A30280))!

It states that "LaTexiT can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer".

Please help me!

08/12/2013 13:11:42


KL wrote :

LaTeXiT does not work with Pages5. I can not call the services of LaTeXiT in Pages5.

18/11/2013 14:57:11


Judi wrote :

Hi! I love LaTeXiT, but as mentioned by Jens, it does not work with Pages 5.0 on Mavericks.
PLEASE release a new version to use it on Mavericks!

13/11/2013 0:50:04

France, Bordeaux

Christian Glacet wrote :

Tout marche superbement bien, merci :)

11/11/2013 22:30:34


CS wrote :

Great App for OS X!! Exactly what I need and use the most:)

11/11/2013 13:59:29


Jens wrote :

This is one of my favourite applications on OSX!

Unfortunately services does no longer work in Pages 5.0 (on Mavericks). Is this something that you will fix in the future?

For me it is now easier to first write the text in text edit (including the latex), the use the LatexIT service and finally copy and paste to Pages to edit the layout.

06/11/2013 1:37:51


Juan Malagon wrote :

I really love LaTeXiT. It was my main tool writing exams and homework. Unfortunately, the services stopped working when I updated to Mavericks. I hope it could back to work again.

29/10/2013 16:29:03

jingshi wrote :

Hi, thanks for this great app. It seems that current version of LaTeXiT cannot support the new Keynote 6.0.

LaTeXiT itself works fine in 10.9 Mavericks so far, but the rendered figure cannot be dragged into Keynote 6.0 and the pdf figure in the presentations generated with old Keynote '09 cannot be recognized by LaTeXiT.


25/10/2013 1:59:19


Miguel Dovale wrote :

LaTeXiT is a part of my life now. It's a fundamental tool of my workflow: OS X + Pages + MathType to get the code + LaTeXiT service... Saves me tons of hours and effort, I've been using it my entire career!!

27/09/2013 16:23:24

Netherlands, Groningen

Kees Rappoldt wrote :

Very nice tool. I just started to use it and I am copying LaTeX equations from my report and paste them into presentation slides or PDF-figures.

26/09/2013 11:29:32


hllsen wrote :

maybe you'll support windows in the future?

27/07/2013 14:34:24


Vegar wrote :

I figured you might enjoy a little something I wrote using LaTeXit. If you visit and consider the figure shown on the top right corner. That is made using TikZ, via LaTeXit.

Thanks for a great product! Sadly, for financial reasons (I am a poor student) I now have had to buy a Windows computer and therefore lose one of my favorite tools, LaTeXit. :(

04/05/2013 15:18:40


Daniel Victor Amaral da Silva wrote :

Looks very nice, but I have to learn to use it better. The pallet that comes within is very simplified.

You should create a manual or something.

21/03/2013 17:12:46


ashine wrote :

latexit is a great tool, thanks a lot for providing such unique stuff!

06/03/2013 17:55:41


Antonio Revuelta wrote :

Just great.

29/01/2013 10:56:55

Czech republic

Stan P. wrote :

I have installed new Latexit 2.5.2. on Mountain Lion, but cannot se the error messages. Can you help me with this?

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