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04/05/2013 15:18:40


Daniel Victor Amaral da Silva wrote :

Looks very nice, but I have to learn to use it better. The pallet that comes within is very simplified.

You should create a manual or something.

21/03/2013 17:12:46


ashine wrote :

latexit is a great tool, thanks a lot for providing such unique stuff!

06/03/2013 17:55:41


Antonio Revuelta wrote :

Just great.

29/01/2013 10:56:55

Czech republic

Stan P. wrote :

I have installed new Latexit 2.5.2. on Mountain Lion, but cannot se the error messages. Can you help me with this?

26/01/2013 18:23:26

Los Angeles

David P. wrote :

When I downloaded LaTeXiT 2.5.1, there was no application icon. (I am running OS 10.5.8.) I went to my old version 2.0.1, "Get Info," copied the icon there, pasted it into "Get Info" of 2.5.1, and now an application icon is visible for 2.5.1. By the way, it is a great application.

24/01/2013 23:27:40


Pierre Chatelier wrote :

Livre d'or ouvert !

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