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15/12/2020 21:59:02


Thierry H. a écrit :

Magnifique outil qui complète une installation de LaTeX.
Je m'en sers pour réaliser des diaporamas scientifique de belle qualité.
Un grand merci !

24/11/2020 21:12:51


Anisio Braga a écrit :

Thanks for your brilliant work of LaTexIt, and such an enormous generosity.
It's the best and fastest app to edit equations and Tikz pictures to Copy & Paste in PowerPoint presentation.

19/09/2020 13:14:01


mboss a écrit :

Such a great tool

26/07/2020 1:28:08

San Diego, CA

Julian a écrit :

Thank you for creating this application. It is a splendid way to typeset equations quickly.

25/07/2020 16:21:34


Renat a écrit :

Fucking awesome!
Have been using it for years.

20/06/2020 7:41:13

Auckland, New Zealand

J a écrit :

Wonderful app! Really helpful in communicating one's ideas during lockdown in 2020.

21/04/2020 6:16:41


forrest a écrit :


15/04/2020 23:56:47

Stockholm, Sweden

C a écrit :

Thank you for continuously update this app! I've tried recently to use it to generate TikZ graphs. Works flawlessly.

08/04/2020 23:06:23


Will a écrit :

Great tool, perfect for testing out small LaTeX snippets!

02/04/2020 20:03:18


Stephan a écrit :

I use LaTeXiT with PowerPoint for writing formulas in understandable LaTeX notation and then copy & paste them as graphics into PowerPoint. The formula editor embedded into MS Office made me crazy, that's how I came to LaTeXit (besides of course using LaTeX for scientific documents). Great tool that just is what I was looking for.

13/02/2020 22:34:51

Princeton, NJ, USA

Greg Hammett a écrit :

LaTeXiT is great! I use it a lot in preparing slides for lectures and talks.

12/02/2020 19:13:44


Eristeo a écrit :

Thank you. I am starting to use LatexShop. I thank everyone for their contribution.

02/02/2020 16:47:28

Canada, Gatineau

Marc P a écrit :

Been using for years... One of my most used applications.

Thank you

28/01/2020 18:54:29


Gorg a écrit :

HI there

28/01/2020 18:53:25


Gorg a écrit :

HI there

21/11/2019 4:56:20

Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Randolph Wynne a écrit :

This is a truly wonderful package -- thanks so much!

27/10/2019 17:01:55


Shandy a écrit :

Hi! Mathematics!

03/10/2019 23:17:02

Stockholm, Sweden

C Lee a écrit :

Thank you for making and maintaining this app.

Probably had the same issue as the other visitors on this page: rendering was problematic. Discovered that Ghostscript 9.27 that I built from source code was to blame. Removed Ghostscript 9.27 completely (mostly under /usr/local/bin & /usr/local/share/man/) and reinstalled it (version 9.27_1) from Homebrew. Now it works like a charm! Thank you so very much!

10/09/2019 18:53:56

Valparaiso, Indiana. USA

Jim Jepsen a écrit :

I have been a fan of LATEXIT for about 15 years now. Its a great service, and the author is very detailed and helpful. Thanks for a great service.

02/08/2019 2:24:25

University of New South Wales

Patrick Burr a écrit :

Thanks for sharing *and supporting* this package. simple and incredibly useful. I've used it for years and has probably cumulatively saved me quite a lot of work hours!

16/07/2019 11:26:24


binho a écrit :

my latexit does not render
I tried "Preferences/Typesetting" and change to /usr/local/bin/gs
but it still not work.

Please help me.
Thank you so much.

11/06/2019 22:08:50

London, ON, Canada

Aysajan Eziz a écrit :

I am trying to incorporate LatexIt into my slides with complex mathematical formulations.

31/05/2019 19:22:38


Sherlockjack a écrit :

It's a awesome software which help me a lot in my school times!

24/05/2019 19:33:22


Phan Cảnh Trình a écrit :


02/05/2019 20:59:35


Munawar Karim a écrit :

Hi - I like Latexit and have for many years but in spite of my efforts I am unable to use it. I did download and install Mactex, but the window does not look like what it should (as in the tutorial on YouTube) for example I don't see eqnarray. So although I am keen on using Latexit I have not succeeded. I am not familiar with computer jargon so any guidance or help would be appreciated. King regards.

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