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08/06/2024 23:42:16

South Africa

Will wrote :

What a brilliant project. Simple yet significant!

21/04/2024 18:04:23

Sydney, Australia

R wrote :

Thank you Pierre :)

24/03/2024 21:08:50

Sanandaj, Iran

S.b.m wrote :

I need a code zi persian for a methematical equation

17/11/2023 1:36:29

Ontario, Canada

William wrote :

Great app, much better than doing it online

23/09/2023 6:02:35


Zeid Nima wrote :

One of the best app ever used, useful and free. Thanks, I wish the page and the app keep updated.

11/09/2023 9:52:55


Joe wrote :

One of the mostly used app in my mac (along with keynote) for so many years. It has been working really great. Can't thank you enough for developing this app !

09/09/2023 0:21:17

Anonymous wrote :

I've used LaTeXiT for ... ages. It is a truly great tool for anyone needing LaTeX quality typesetting on macOS for equations. The new approach to allow dynamic editing via an (IMAGE IN TEXTBOX) with a Markup-like extension is a viable replacement to LinkBack. Unfortunately, for those creating LaTeXiT equation images for slides outside the Beamer package, Keynote and Powerpoint do not support the new dynamic editing approach (they also did not support LinkBack). If this is a stumbling point for you, I've had great success with both LinkBack and now with the new dynamic editing approach using Curio.

Thank you for creating this useful app!

12/07/2023 1:49:48


Chirag wrote :

Thank you for developing this handy tool. I love the flexibility of LaTeXiT--that I am able to write my own preamble and use different compilers. I use kpfonts, tkz-euclide, and my other favourite packages to create beautiful slides, while avoiding the abysmal equation environment in MS Office, as well as other impossibly difficult plugins like IguanaTeX. LaTeXiT has been a great solution for me and I cannot recommend it enough.

20/05/2023 4:01:09


Jesse wrote :

This is a fantastic tool for communicating mathematics over email. Thank you!

06/04/2023 16:11:43


factoreal wrote :

As a daily user of this software, I am delighted to write formulas in Persian using the Xepersian package and include them in slides or images for students. It's difficult for me to mention any shortcomings in this exceptional software.

18/01/2023 17:03:04


Alexandre wrote :

Thank you very much for LaTeXiT! It is really great to prepare slides, perform LaTeX quick checks, etc.

17/12/2022 3:38:56




31/10/2022 19:31:43


Jacques Vernin wrote :

Génial. Je ne connaissais pas. J'utilisais une fonctionnalité qui ressemble un peu dans Pages;mais beaucoup plus pratique que l'artillerie lourde! Merci!

21/03/2022 17:22:20


Siva wrote :

Thanks for developing this useful tool!!

09/12/2021 4:02:46

Hong Kong

Nikita wrote :

Thanks for saving me from the "crop-copy-delete" steps!!

22/11/2021 17:09:09

Spain, Granada / Wilmslow, UK

Juande Santander-Vela wrote :

Your software is among the first ones that I install in my computers... Thanks for doing it!

26/10/2021 18:20:38


Dan wrote :

Thank you for this tool, I've been recommending it to everyone!

07/09/2021 12:55:55

Germany, Berlin

Jens wrote :

I have been using it regularly for years. Very nice and helpful tool. Merci !

10/08/2021 15:58:44

US, Baltimore

Tom wrote :

This is such an invaluable tool for me. Thank you!

22/04/2021 21:10:16

US, Pleasanton

HAIBO YAN wrote :

Anticipate to read it.

01/03/2021 16:15:51


Paulo wrote :

Finally a real helpful tool for equation editing. Congratulations!

27/01/2021 16:50:45

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Olivier wrote :

Je suis professeur de physique au collégial et j'utilise Latexit pour ajouter facilement des équations de qualité dans mes schémas et tous mes documents. Latexit est devenue une de mes applications indispensables!

Merci pour cette application de qualité!

15/12/2020 21:59:02


Thierry H. wrote :

Magnifique outil qui complète une installation de LaTeX.
Je m'en sers pour réaliser des diaporamas scientifique de belle qualité.
Un grand merci !

24/11/2020 21:12:51


Anisio Braga wrote :

Thanks for your brilliant work of LaTexIt, and such an enormous generosity.
It's the best and fastest app to edit equations and Tikz pictures to Copy & Paste in PowerPoint presentation.

19/09/2020 13:14:01


mboss wrote :

Such a great tool

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